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Welcome to Woven Roots!

Our story begins in a non-traditional sense in that neither one of us had a dream to own a store. It really takes off when we were both in a transitional season of life and things aligned so perfectly that we knew God meant for this gift to be our reality.

Jennifer – After years of taking care of my children, raising a family and eventually helping my kids with their kids I was looking for a place to make my own. I had worked retail for 2 years by the time the opportunity came up to own a store of our own. I knew it would be hard work at first, but ultimately, I knew it would give me the gift of being able to work alongside both of my daughters, as my oldest Rachel helps out behind the scenes. It also provides the chance to meet unexpected people and give some happiness into the world through our store.

Micah – I had been in a transition of being a newlywed and starting a family when I was coaching and teaching at the local junior high. Although I loved my job there, my heart felt called to be with my newborn daughter and when my mom and I were presented with the thought of owning a store, it just felt right. I would now get the chance to watch my daughter grow and have fun with something I am passionate about and help others feel good and look good! God put this in front of us and I happily accepted.

What's in a name?

For us, we found choosing a name to be the most intimidating part of starting a business because it is something that will be forever. It was literally naming our baby, but we knew the most important thing to both of us is Family. Especially considering that our support system through this whole process has been our family, tirelessly helping us build a business unique to our name and we are so grateful to each of them.

So, the name came down to the fact that when we think of family, we think of a family tree. That tree is grounded by roots and when our family grows and new families are formed, then each of those roots are woven together, forever intertwined with each other to help keep the family tree strong and stable. Hence the name, Woven Roots.

Lastly, we are so grateful for our store and the capabilities that it allows us. It gives us the chance to be with our families, to meet new people and most importantly, serve our God who made all this possible. We will forever praise Him for making a dream we didn’t know we had become a reality we want to keep forever.

Thank you for visiting Woven Roots and we hope you stop by soon!


Micah and Jennifer